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Other Features


Email Newsletter Design Samples



Newsletter Editor

Send newsletters that look professional and breathtakingly beautiful with our Drag-and-Drop Editor. No HTML skills necessary.


Personalize your emails

Every single day your subscribers are receiving tons of emails.Why not make it personal? Insert your subscriber’s name or maybe a product they’ve shown interest in or already purchased.



Custom HTML Editor


Even though our drag & drop editor is really simple to use, but what if you want to create your own custom html email and go beyond? We have you covered with our HTML Editor.


Rich Text Editor

Create simple text newsletters that is always readable on any device with our Rich Text editor. It is a great feature when you need a more personal touch: an anncouncement from your CEO or thank you letter to your clients.


Email Automation

Introduce new customers to your products or surprise existing ones with an exclusive offer triggered by their behavior. Our automation feature allows you to engage with your customers at scale with little effort.



Pricing in different plans


Forever Free Plan

Send an unlimited amount of campaigns to up to 1,000 every month for FREE. Enjoy full access to all features, including automation. Easily upgrade as your subscriber list grows.





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