With Social Media on the rise, companies or I would say rather smaller startup are constantly concentrating on promoting their brand and products over social media. But this surge in marketing over social media is proving to put most people into “banner blindness”. People will just skip through these products and advertisements because there is so much of them that mostly people will just ignore these. This is backed up by the fact that on Google, Bing, Facebook and other major platforms, the turnover of pay per click is suffering and charges are rising. Traditional print media is also becoming an expensive way with little turnover.


Amidst these strategies falling short, one thing has always surged since humanity’s existence – the word of mouth. This is what keeps Ambassador Referral Marketing going on. There are certain people we trust and if they tell us to check out a new product or new service, we feel there is no harm in trying something new or different. Ambassador Referral Marketing provides solutions for small startups to big Fortune 500 companies. They have Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Partner Marketing and Advocacy Marketing under the same umbrella.



Ambassador Referral Marketing allows the company to pick out their Ambassador, a person who is either highly skilled in marketing, or a loyal customer or anyone really. This person is now equipped to spread your brand through the word of mouth. For every positive turnover they provide, customers they get and products they can sell, the company can provide this ambassador with money or special discounts or gift coupons. Rather, the company can also provide the customer that the ambassador has bought in with the same. This makes sure that your ambassador has the motivation to go on and believes in what you are doing. And, it also makes the new customer stick. Ambassador Referral Marketing centralizes all this for you under one dashboard.



Ambassador Referral Marketing provides you with:


  1. Referral Tracking: This allows you to see how the referrals are being used and how much turnover are they providing you. You get all the data related to it under one centralized location.

  3. Refer-a-Friend Program

  5. Social Referral Tracking: Ambassador Referral Marketing tracks the referrals that are being used on social media that was either shared by you or your ambassador.

  7. Affiliate Program: It provides you great power to drive a campaign through Ambassador Referral Marketing with select few ambassadors and get all the metrics related to this.

  9. Affiliate Tracking.

  11. Partner Dashboard: This is the place where you get all your data regarding to the transactions and turnovers that you are making and how effective is it being.

  13. Partner Incentives: Ambassador Referral Marketing lets you provide incentives such as discounts, gift cards or money. You can track that has been provided.

  15. Customer Incentive Programs: With Ambassador Referral Marketing you know which customers your ambassadors have you got through the program you chose, and it allows you to even give these customers with incentives so that they stay.

  17. Partner Management.


Ambassador Referral Marketing has many e-mail templates to choose from to send out referrals. You can customize it according to your branding and image that you want to send out. You can even choose to send out newsletters and Ambassador Referral Marketing will manage this for you on their own. Ambassador Referral Marketing is a Software as a Service Cloud deployment. You have your data backed up in different location so you are online always and there is no loss of data even if one data center fails. Ambassador Referral Marketing is only available as a software on the Web, there is no iOS or Android app to use this software.


There is proper SSL 256-bit encryption that is carried out by Ambassador Referral Marketing to protect your data from being hacked and makes sure that all your communications also stay encrypted. As it as web based only service, HTTPS security is provided across all the pages that you traverse through in their web software.


Ambassador Referral Marketing also provides you with free eBooks to learn more about referral marketing. There is also a Webinar and course that you can take but that comes at a price that is paid apart from the services that they provide you as your server. Ambassador Referral Marketing program is very impressive and they cover their subjects in depth and give you great hands on and skills so that you are ready to maximize what you can do on Ambassador Referral Marketing.





There is so much more they do







All their services are billed annually.



  1. Started: This cost you $800 a month. It is made for small businesses and startups.

  3. Professional: This is meant for a more mid ranged business or even a large scale one, that has been established. This one cost you $1,500.

  5. Enterprise: Like the name suggests, it is made for Enterprise Referral Marketing, it comes at a cost depending on your customization. Let’s just say it is going to be heavy, very heavy.


You know you get the best because apart from the fact that they are boasting being #1 in the Referral Marketing Business but also they are trusted by companies such as Hulu, MangoDB, SAP, Logitech, MadisonReed etc. Ambassador Referral Marketing has been rated #1 for a reason and you really cannot go wrong with this one if Referral, Affiliate, Influencer, Partner or Advocacy Marketing is what you want to do. Engage deeper with your customers and spread you brand image effectively with Ambassador Referral Marketing. Their support center is available 24x7 and you can even email them which will be reverted to in at the max, 48 hours. Their customer care service support is one of the highest rated in the marketing referral industry.

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