VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is the partitioning of physical server computer that it turns into multiple virtual servers and each of these servers has its own capabilities in running a dedicated machines. Web hosting is the method of renting storage space on a webserver which means that you can store your files and also run your operating system and other software. In compiling the list of the top 5 best and cheap VPS hosting several factors are considered like, performance, reliability, price and the memory which has to be more than 512 MB. There is also security which is very important and the VPS must offertier-4 which is the highest security. There are other factors which are considered are the reputation of the industry and how willing are they to protect their reputation by offering the best services. There also the money back guarantee and the customer satisfaction rate in regard to the web server speed and overall service. All VPS hosting offer different packages which are categorized according to the features they have like price, storage capacity, IP addresses, and RAM memory .Here are the top five VPS hosting focusing on the basic features.


This is another affordable and top performing VPS for Linux platform which goes for $9.89 a month which is a 34% discount from the regular price. A2hosting has the option of monthly billing and users can choose different package according to their needs. There is also the 30 day full refund guarantee of the customer decides the cancel the service. The basic package comes with the following features.512 MB memory2 CPU core600 MHz CPU speed10 GB RAIDFree 2 TB data transfer every month1 IP addressFull root access

A2hosting is also known for its high reliability plus its uses the SwiftServer platform which gives the server super speed performance of up to 300%.


Bluehost is extremely flexible web server which goes for $14.99 for the first month and renews at $29.99 every month. It offers high performance and utilizes open source technology such as OpenStack and KVM. Users enjoy tons of features like:2GB of memory30 GB RAID-10 storage1 free domain1 CPU core2 dedicated IPAdvanced cPanel

Bluehost is very easy to use and can be set in a matter of minutes and offer additional state of the art components. Bluehost allows for users to get additional storage plus there is the cPanel which allows for easy expansion without requiring administrator assistance. The cPanel interface offers special tools for interactive VPS management WHM control. Bluehost also offers multi-server management for those who need more than one server and the ability to control the server by setting up passwords. The VPS makes it easier to manage multiple accounts in one place. Bluehost also offers option for advanced users with advanced capabilities like the advanced cPanel and the ability to customized files. Bluehost is best suited for web developers, blog owners and those who own small businesses.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion is another affordable and best performing VPS suitable for businesses and it’s divided into 3 packages where there is the Inmotion VPS-1000 going for $14.99 a month, VPS-2000 going for $24.29 a month and finally the VPS-3000 going for only $37.49 a month. This is with no doubt the most affordable price in the market plus users get full system administration, easy application optimization and customized solutions. Inmotion users enjoy a dedicated 24 hours customer support that is ready to assist and support the customers. Inmotion enjoys years of reputation because it has been proving the best wed hosting service for 8 years running. Some of the key features that Inmotion Hosting offers include:RAID- 10 StorageMemory of 1GB which can increased2 Dedicated IPUnlimited Domain750 GB monthly transfer which can be increasedAbility to choose your preferred data center which in close proximityFree backup serviceA 90 days full back money guarantee

Inmotion hosting has all the features required for any type of business because it has combined affordability, reliability and customer support.


This is the most successful web host service with over 1.5 million domains and it has offered its services to some of the most reputable brands. Arvixe is cost effective going for only $20 a month for the basic package known as VPS class Lite. There is also the money back clause that can be activated after 90 days if the service falls short of the expected performance. Some of the key features that Arvixe comes with include;20 GB of RAMUnlimited transfer capability1 GB of memory2 CPU core1 free dedicated IPRAID 10 Storage99.99% uptime

Arvixe is also known for the best performance since it utilizes the top data centers which run without interruption and the Multi-Tiered Network architecture which means performance is not affected by power outage and there is a 99.9% of uptime. Arvixe is stable and give customer unrestricted access to operating system plus the capability to install custom application. Arvixe VPS accounts have the latest software installed and correctly configures plus they are managed by top support personnel.


This VPS hosting service goes for $24.33 first month and it’s then renewed for $ 29.48 every month. Myhosting.com offers tons of features and it can be used on both windows and Linux platforms. Users enjoy professional customer support all year round 24 hours a day. Users also have full access to their operating system and full root access. Other features include;40 GB space1 GB of RAM600 GB bandwidth1 IP address8 virtual processorsDisaster Recovery Backups

Myhosting.com also offers up to date anti-virus and spam protection. Other additional features include the ability to customize your VPS. Users have full control of the server setting and configuration whereby they can manually customize the VPS to fit the actual business requirement.