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An Amazing experience for your attendees, easy set up
for your business. You’ll be set up and live in 30 seconds.

  • One-click to Join
  • After Registration
  • High-quality, low-latency
  • video & audio streaming
  • Interactive, Engaging,and Distraction-Free



How We Started


Demio was started in September, 2014. It took us just over 2 years to create what we believe is the most user friendly, reliable, and enjoyable webinar experience on the market. But we’re just getting started.

Since our Grand Opening we’ve been consistently working with our users to provide a great experience and add in new features/upgrades for our customers. We always have more to do, but here’s a look at what’s upcoming on our roadmap in the next few months.







From the beginning, we’ve had the marketer in mind. Almost every feature we’ve built in Demio has been built with a common goal: make webinars more effective. With advanced segmentations, automations, real-time engagement, in-depth tracking, actionable analytics, in-webinar features such as Call-To-Actions, Handouts, Featured Chat and more, were all built to help make your webinars even more powerful. Plus, it’s 100% browser based and focused on making a BETTER experience for your attendee.



3 Clicks to Launch a Webinar



You’ll be up and running with your first webinar in just seconds. Simply enter your title, date, and time and “VOILA!” you have a webinar ready to launch. We’ve placed a great emphasis on making Demio a pleasure to use every single time.


Add Your Demio Integration




With our 9 Native Integrations (see them all here), you can easily add any registrant to your CRM with just 2 clicks. Once your CRM is integrated to your webinar event, you can now trigger specific automations using our Automation Rules. We’ve made it very simple to add integrations and create the most powerful automation any webinar platform can provide.



Automation rules


This is where the real power shows through. With automation rules, you’ll be able to segment contacts in your CRM in real-time based on the actions that they take. For example, if a registrant does not attend, you can apply a tag. If an attendee stays until the 30-minute mark, you can apply another tag. If a registrant joins the webinar, you can have it automatically send the recording to their email.

These powerful rules allow you to segment your audience into buckets based on their interaction, so you can follow up with the right message at the right time.



Coordinate It in Your Backstage


The backstage allows you to keep all your controls in one central location and out of the way during the presentation. That allows you to focus purely on your presentation and webinar without distractions. When you are ready to launch handouts, call to actions, or change presenters simply open the backstage in 1 click and easily navigate around. All coordinators will have access to the backstage, while the attendees will only have a webinar room with the viewer – putting you front and center.









What makes Demio different than other webinar platforms?

Everything. From the way that it’s designed with a focus on simplicity, to the powerful features that make webinars more effective, to amazing attendee experience. Demio is a delightful webinar experience for everyone involved. Our core values also make us different, our drive, our amazing team, and everything else that you get with Demio that you won’t get from our competitors.


Does Demio run on Google Hangouts or YouTube Live?

NO NO NO! Demio is built 100% from the ground up and does not use any of these free “family and friends” style communication platforms as the basis for their paid webinar platform. We believe that webinars should be based on a high-quality presentation with low-latency.


Does Demio require a download for my attendees?

Nope! No downloads whatsoever. Demio is completely, 100% web-based, and your attendees can join from one simple click on their unique join link. This means higher attendance rates for your webinars.


Do you offer support?

Yes, we are obsessed with providing you a great user experience with both the platform and customer service after your purchase. You will find active Support in the platform via Email, Live Chat, and a Knowledge Base. Our support will be on around the clock to make sure we get responses back to you as quickly as humanly possible. Plus, if you wish you can request a 1-on-1 Demio demo with us to get you moving and see everything that Demio has to offer.


Will there be Training on how to use Demio?

Yes! We have created an entire knowledge base, a getting started video, and we’ll also personally 1-on-1 onboard you with a demo if you want it 🙂 Not to mention, Demio is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use!



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