Gone are the days when you sit endlessly with a team of designers and web developers and on and on about what you want your online shopping store to look like and how you want to achieve that. To do a stand-alone online store development from scratch not only takes time but is also vulnerable to early bugs which can cost you a lot of money in many ways. With time, companies have come up with a platform where you can just sit with a few of these designers to tailor make a platform to sell your products. Such a company is Big Commerce. You do not even need a team of designers if you are not looking to change everything drastically. And even if you do, you already have a fully functional platform as a reference.   It is not even funny how difficult it was to get your own e-commerce store up and running. The time and effort if you wanted to make an e-store was massive 4-5 years ago. Thanks to companies such as Big Commerce, you already have solutions in place and do not need to care about storage and management over the web on a lower level, all that is taken care of. Big Commerce lets you put your products at the center of attention and energy with other things being already taken care of once you use Big Commerce services. Another huge advantage is that you also get all the data, analysis and metrics at a single place. If you had gone on to make your own e-store with a team, a different team would have been in place to get a platform running so you can analyze your sales. Big Commerce has given you a platform to just do your job and not use all this energy in just getting your store right.
Big Commerce also provides solutions such as pages and blogs. Big Commerce is also for someone who is growing fast. With the prices, someone with a less profit margin might struggle initially but with good capital a decent growing business can accelerate everything with Big Commerce in place. Big Commerce boasts a good 28% growth in business that use their services, it is twice the industry average! For someone looking at scalability as well, Big Commerce is the right place as it is known for handling spikes in traffic well, something you do not have to plan for using Big Commerce services.   With Big Commerce, you can start your store with just a click. There is also a free trail available that you can avail. You can see what they do and how they do by making your own trail store in the free trail. Get the feel of it and explore and see what’s possible. After filling up all the necessary details, you have main controls to the following things:



  1. Dashboard: This is the main place where you can see, track and edit everything that is there on your store.

  3. Orders: here, you can check the list of orders that have been made, see the progress of each order and track them as you like.

  5. Products: there is a whole catalogue of your products that you have uploaded to be bought, you can edit them or delete them as you like.

  7. Customers: this is the place where you can see who is buying your products and what are they buying. You can even visit their profiles.

  9. Content: here you can do things like make blog posts and things that do not include anything related to sales, just you and what your ideas are, anything that you want to put out.

  11. Marketing: in this section, you can create custom coupons that you would like to roll out.

  13. Analytics: this is the section you are going to be obsessed with as a seller, you can see what sells the best, who is buying it, all the margins related to money and sales etc.

  15. Apps: you can integrate your store with 3rd party apps.

  17. Settings: this is the place where you customize the look and feel of your store.

  19. Help: a place where you can get FAQs and direct support from Big Commerce’s team.

Big Commerce also gives you full freedom to introduce any kind of payment method you want to integrate, online wallets, credit card, debit card, bank deposits, PayPal, absolutely anything. This is a huge bonus in their services as your customers will have no restrictions and can choose from a payment option that suits them the best.   Big Commerce’s Settings section offers you with a stream of templates. They provide you with all the APIs if you have a developer team, to take your website design to a whole new level. You have styling options, options to edit the HTML/CSS of a template, customize it to your needs and get support for design. If you have a team of designers and developers you can use their API’s and the skeletons in place and develop a fully customized website in less than ½ the time. You also do not have to care about data storage as Big Commerce takes care of that as well.  
Adding a product to your store is also very easy, you already have the fields ready and just like making an online post you need to fill things like the title, price, dimensions of the product, images etc. You can edit them again and delete it if you want. It is just that simple.



These plans take absolutely no transaction fees, you get unlimited storage and unlimited staff accounts. There are more in depth features that differ, to see the full listing of what you get in which plan, please visit: Big Commerce today.