When it comes to web site hosting I prefer to stick with the big name Hosts. There are too many fly by night web hosting providers popping up all over the net, so it’s important to go with trusted hosts. All the web hosting reviews on this site will come from top web hosting companies and the number 1 web hosting company I recommend I also use.

What is the Best Web Site Hosting Company? – Every web hosting review site on the Internet has their own opinion on “who is the best host” but here are some tips to help you pick a good web hosting company on your own.


It is so disappointing to switch to a new web site hosting company and find out it takes them 3 days to answer your emails or to fix a problem. When search for a good web site hosting provider be sure to email or call them first and ask a question – see how long it takes to get a response and see if your response is an intelligent one!. If it takes more than a few hours to email you back I would not pick that hosting company If takes a web hosting company hours to answer a sales question just think how long it will take them to answer a tech support one! I don’t know about you but if one of my web sites goes down I want it fixed yesterday!

GUARANTEE¬† ¬†Uptime guarantee is a must have with any web hosting plan. It means your web site hosting provider is promising you their servers are constantly monitored and your web site will almost never go down and if they do go down they will be back up in a matter of minutes! Money back guarantee is also very important just incase you switch to a new web hosting company and you decide you don’t like them or your web site scripts won’t work properly, you can get your money back and move on!

SOFTWARE – FREEBIES – The more ready made software your web host has the better! You want a web hosting company that offers the Fantastico collection of freebies. Fantastico has everything from guest books, message forums, shopping carts, live visitor chat, content management systems and much more. All of the software can be installed on your web site for you with a click of a button.

UNLIMITED DOMAINS – One of the biggest mistake newcomers make is not selecting a web hosting provider that
offers unlimited domains under one account. Creating web sites is both fun and addicting so unless you are positive
that you will only create 1 web site ever then I would stick to Unlimited Web site hosting companies.

That way you can add as many domains and sites as you would like without ever having to pay for an additional account
(which can really add up if your not on an unlimited plan). Unlimited Domain Hosting has become a very popular feature
so most of the Top Hosting Companies are now including it in their packages for no extra charge.